MEICIS (Mental health and Early Intervention
in the Community-based Integrated care System)

What is a "MEICIS"
research project ?

The aims of this research project are to develop and examine systems and methods integrated with social resources in the community for promotion of mental health and early intervention under the idea of “the community-based integrated care system adapted for mental disorders as well,” which are possible and sustainable under the medical health care system of Japan.

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Model areas

Headquarters: Toho University

  • Adachi City

    “Face to face in a crowded city” model.

    Considering its dense population, we shall set up a service institution in the community in a densely populated area and use it as a base for regional alliances. more...
    Akita Prefecture

    “ICT in a local under-populated area” model.

    Considering the falling population and aging, we shall develop regional cooperation and services using information and communication technology (ICT) to resolve the problems of the long distances among the communities and insufficient manpower. more...
    Tokorozawa City

    “Outreach in a suburb city” model.

    Considering the moderate number of residential areas in the suburbs, we shall attempt to incorporate specialized staff for visits and outreach services.more...
    Keihin area

    “Wide medical catchment area with a multicultural background of the population.”

    We shall investigate issues and conduct trials considering that it is a widely connected area (Ota City, southern Kawasaki, and eastern Yokohama).more...