ASAT-A, which is an Alcoholics recovery program in Akita Prefecture, has been developed.


The MEICIS Akita Prefectural Site (Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Tetsuo Shimizu, Director, Akita Prefectural Mental Health Welfare Center) has been developing a consultation and intervention program that can be used for early consultation as well as an online consultation system.

There are many consultations on alcohol abuse and dependence in the prefecture; therefore, the center referred to SMARPP (Serigaya Hospital Narcotics Dependence Treatment Program for outpatients) and SAT-G (Shimane Addiction recovery Training program for Gambling disorder) and has developed an Alcoholics Recovery Support Program (Akita ver. SAT for Alcoholics, ASAT-A) as a product of MEICIS activities.

The program is a workbook format that includes six sessions and has many appendices, including screening tests and “How to refuse alcohol”.

The workbook includes plentiful and familiar illustrations, and we believe that the program will be very useful as an early intervention for alcohol problems.