Our activities were published in the Chunichi Shimbun.


The psychological consultation held in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture on June 12 was published in the Chunichi Shimbun on June 15. On that day, with the cooperation of a local NPO, a health consultation session, Chagas disease test for applicants, food pantry, and labor consultation were also held in conjunction with the psychological consultation meeting, and about 40 Latin Americans living in Mie Prefecture participated.

A total of 8 people participated in the psychological consultation, and they consulted with an interpreter about worries about children’s development, mood problems such as depression and irritability, and domestic conflicts.

For those who wish, we introduce round-table discussions for parents with children, developmental counseling sessions for foreign guardians, and multilingual contact points of legal consultation centers, and continue to connect with local supporters to watch over them.

There are 120,000 Brazilians living in the Tokai region, more than half of the Brazilians living in Japan, but there is no system in place to provide cross-sectional support. We will continue to cooperate with local supporters to promote the creation of a city where foreign residents can live comfortably.