We held a medical consultation in Aikawa-machi, Aiko-gun, Kanagawa.


We held a medical consultation for Burazilian in Aikawa-machi, Aiko-gun, Kanagawa,on August 25. Many foreigners live in the Keihin area, above all, Tsurumi Ward has the feature that there are many Brazilians. We conducted a field survey with a view to preventive intervention for mental illness among foreign residents. This activity is supported by Dr. Sachio Miura (Representative of NPO MAIKEN) who continues to support Brazilians in Japan. Japanese psychiatrist, Brazilian physician, and clinical psychologist who speaks both Japanese and Portuguese responded to Brazilians in Japan individually about mental health and living habits consultations. There were many visitors, and there seemed to be several people who came home without psychological consultation in time.

In the interview, we felt the presence of stigma and neuropathy in Brazilians. We will conduct a questionnaire on temperament and cognition of mental disorders.

This activity will continue to be held regularly. It was a fruitful day for the future.