We held an open lecture and a psychological counseling session in Oizumi-cho, Ora-gun, Gunma Prefecture.


On Sunday, August 23, we held an open lecture for teachers of the Nippaku Gakuen(Brazilian school) , and a psychological counseling session for Latin Americans in Oizumi-cho, Ora-gun, Gunma prefecture.

In the open lecture, Prof. Nemoto of Toho University gave a general introduction to MEICIS activities and mental illness, Dr. Onozaka of Shoinn University talked about the activities of the counseling room, and Dr. Yamaguchi talked about the mental health of foreign residents. While using simultaneous interpretation, the Brazilian teachers also participated very enthusiastically, and at the discussion session over lunch, we were able to have lively discussions with specific examples.

In the afternoon, we had a consultation with a Brazilian who lived in Brazilian Plaza, children and parents who attend school at Nippaku Gakuen. With the diversification and seriousness of mental health problems in the current status, we once again realized that there is an increasing demand for multifaceted support. We plan to continue providing support in the region in the future.