We participated in the 2nd “Kawasaki Northern Mental Health Network Conference” in FY 2019.


MEICIS is examining a psychiatric early consultation and intervention system that takes into account the regional characteristics of the Keihin area. By the courtesy of Takeda Hospital Director Ryutaro Takeda, we participated in the Northern Kawasaki Mental Health Network Conference held on September 13 at the Tama Ward Office in Kawasaki City. This conference has been ongoing for nearly 10 years for the purpose of psychiatric regional collaboration in northern Kawasaki City. On the day, there was no fatigue after work, and more than 50 people from various fields and professions gathered in addition to psychiatry. They were eagerly discussing mental health in the region and the ideal way of network. We were impressed with the situation and received many suggestions and hints about our policy.


Tama Ward Office where the meeting was held.