We visited the Consulate General of Brazil in Tokyo.


On Wednesday, November 29, we visited the Consulate General of Brazil in Tokyo. We held a meeting with Consul General Mr. André Chermont de Lima, head of sector Mr. Thiago Amaral Minami, and introduced MEICIS’ psychological consultation activities, including online, in Gunma Prefecture, the Keihin area, and the Tokai region, as well as our collaboration with Nippaku Gakuen.

In MEICIS’s efforts, young Brazilians in their teens and 20s visit counseling sessions the most; conflicts in interpersonal relationships, including with family and children; depression; prevention and early intervention; We have shown that we are implementing the following assessments. We confirmed that we will continue to cooperate with the consulate to improve access to medical care for Brazilians living in Japan and make it a more livable society.